Changing the colour of your hair can have truly amazing results. It can bring out the colour of your eyes, lift your skin tone, promote a more youthful appearance, and boost your confidence massively.

Paskal technical hair colour specialists  – with amount of experience in delivering the finest hair colour for your individual hair colour needs and desires. Paskal use many hair colour techniques including:

Full Head Hair Colour

Turn heads for all the right reasons with an all over hair colour application. A full head of colour will transform the way you look and make you feel and look amazing. Paskal of skilled colourists will take several factors into account before making any hair colour transformation, including your skin tone and personality! He will help you choose the right hair colour shade for you.

He will also give lots of professional advice on how to maintain your new hair colour for as long as possible – by using the right products for your individual hair type and by keeping up with regular appointments.

 Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Hair colour doesn’t have to be permanent. If you’re not quite sure about committing to a colour fully, then consider a semi permanent hair colour. Semi permanent hair colours can also provide fantastic coverage, especially when colouring grey hair.

 Highlights and Lowlights

Add depth, tone and richness to your hair colour with highlights or lowlights – the perfect choice if you want to give your hair some exta “va va voom” or to soften your natural colour.
Highlights and lowlights are also a great way of adding subtle colour to your hair and transforming your shade without committing to a full head. Enhance your natural tones.

Highlights and lowlights can also be applied to cover some of those stubborn grey hairs, giving your hair dimension.

 Covering Grey Hair or Colouring Root Regrowth

Wave goodbye to the dreaded box-dye! Covering grey hairs or root regrowth can easily be achieved by Paskal, and will leave you feeling revitalized. Top tip? Avoid dying your hair darker than your natural hair colour to avoid re-growth issues.

Hair Colour Correction

If you have had a hair colour disaster – it is essential to seek professional advice immediately. Don’t be tempted to dye over the problem – as this often results in you worsening the hair colour problem, causing more stress!
Paskal have the skills and expertise to correct your hair colour problems…or advice you… no matter how severe!

Once he have assessed your hair colour problem and will devise a plan to correct the issue to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Contact Paskal to arrange your complimentary hair colour correction consultation or would like to book online your next hair colour appointment! Just follow the links below:

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