Olaplex rebuilds strength, structure, and restores the integrity your hair. Available as a stand-alone treatment to heal hair, and as an additive in any colour or lightening service.

We review so many new products each year, but the one that’s caused the most excitement here is Olaplex™. I love it and we know you will as well.
Recently launched in the UK, Olaplex™ is a remarkable scientiftic breakthrough for restoring colour-damaged hair. Even the most gentle professional colour can damage, break and dry your hair when applied over a long period.  Now scientists have developed a treatment that repairs the damaged bonds within your hair, leaving it stronger and healthier.

Described as insurance for your hair, Olaplex™ promises stronger, healthier hair and longer lasting colour, and the best thing about Olaplex™ is it’s not just a temporary fix.  This treatment permanently restores your hair.

What Olaplex won’t do is help seriously distressed hair. If your hair is seriously compromised and you wouldn’t normally process the hair, do not do so just because you have Olaplex. It’s not a magic wand.

You don’t colour your hair? Olaplex can be used as a stand alone treatment to re-boot heat damaged hair, you will be amazed at the results.

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