Kerastraight KS Ultimate Treatment is a 100% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free.

Do find your hair is dull, dry and damaged, curly, wavy or frizzy? Or just totally unmanageable?! A Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment, or ‘Brazilian BlowOut’ puts an end to all that. The Brazilian BlowOut is a hair smoothing, de-frizzing treatment which will change the way you style and care for your hair dramatically

This exciting and innovative treatment transforms the hair, repairing and rehydrating by using keratin which creates a protective layer preventing further damage to your locks, resulting in gorgeous smooth, silky and straight hair. This treatment could be just what you are looking for, contact Paskal for advice you.

What is a Kerastraight Brazilian BlowOut Keratin Treatment?

A Kerastraight Brazilian BlowOut is a natural replenishing treatment, renewing the hair from the inside out, reconditioning whilst protecting the hair from water and heat damage and enhancing its natural shine. So what are you waiting for, say goodbye to bad hair days with this miracle treatment that not only smoothes and straightens but is also specially formulated to rebuild and strengthen weakened hair. Its replenishing keratin penetrates deep into each and every hair cuticle, leaving you with soft, shiny nourished hair.

What can you expect from a Brazilian BlowOut Keratin Treatment?

Kerastraight Brazilian BlowOut is long lasting and depending on how often you wash your hair will last for up to 3 to 4 months, gradually fading from the hair. This wonderful treatment once completed can save you time and effort, and hours and hours of battling with your unruly frizzy hair, reducing the need for excessive blow drying and hair straighteners, giving you soft shiny more manageable hair.

The Kerastraight treatment does not use any strong chemicals to open and close the hair shaft in order to straighten the hair. Kerastraight KS Ultimate Treatment is a 100% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free keratin smoothing treatment.

Keratin is a natural compound found in hair, skin and nails and this protein fortifies and gives the hair its strength giving you gorgeous lasting results.

Can you have a Brazilian BlowOut Keratin Treatment after colouring your hair?

A Kerastraight Brazilian BlowOut treatment can be used on coloured, bleached, highly lightened, permed or very dry hair.

The Brazilian BlowOut treatment nourishes your locks and improves the conditions making it more manageable, perfect if you struggle taming your mane! Look after your new, smoothe frizz free locks and your Brazilian BlowOut could last for up to 3 to 4 months.

For sleek, shiny and more manageable hair, book your appointment, don’t hesitate to contact Paskal.

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